Japan's Abe: US auto tariffs will cost US jobs, harm economy

Jul 20, 2018

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has warned the US that higher tariff on auto imports would backfire and harm not only America's jobs and economy but also devastate the global economy

China's yuan falls against dollar, helping exporters

Jul 20, 2018

China's currency weakens against US dollar, helping exporters

Global stocks drift lower as US considers more tariffs

Jul 19, 2018

Global stock markets are drifting lower as the U.S. holds a hearing on new tariffs on autos and auto parts

Investor frenzy in S. Korea over Russia treasure ship rumors

Jul 19, 2018

A South Korean company's claim to have found a sunken Russian warship has triggered investor frenzy amid speculation the ship carried an enormous amount of gold

Japan's June trade surplus jumps, while US dealings slip

Jul 19, 2018

Japan's June trade surplus jumps 66 pct, US dealings slip as trade tensions flare

Asian stocks drift as investors await fresh moves on trade

Jul 19, 2018

Asian stock markets drift in mixed trading as investors await further moves on trade

South Korea slashes jobs outlook, downgrades growth forecast

Jul 18, 2018

South Korea is dramatically cutting its jobs outlook and slightly cutting its economic growth forecast

Japan, EU sign trade deal to eliminate nearly all tariffs

Jul 18, 2018

The European Union and Japan signed a pact that will eliminate nearly all tariffs on products they trade in an ambitious deal that runs counter to Trump's moves to hike US tariffs

Kim slams local North Koreans for unfinished power plant

Jul 17, 2018

NKorean leader blasts local officials over unfinished hydroelectric plant as he struggles to boost the economy

China files WTO challenge to US $200B tariff plan

Jul 16, 2018

China files WTO case challenging Trump plan to raise tariffs on Chinese goods worth $200 billion

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